Selected Poetry

By Theodore Parker

The Gosepl of Love

O brother, who for us didst meekly wear
The crown of thorns about thy radiant brow!
What gospel from the Father didst thou bear
Our hearts to cheer, making us happy now?
"Tis this alone," the immortal Savious cries:
"To fill thy heart with ever active love,-
Love for the wicked as in sin he lies,
Love for thy brother here, thy God above.
Fear nothing ill; 'twill vanish in its day:
Live for the good, taking the ill thou must;
Toil with thy might; with many labor pray;
Living and loving, learn thy God to trust,
And he will shed upon thy soul the blessings of the just.

In Darker Days

In darker days and night of storm,
Men knew Thee but to fear Thy form;
And in the reddest lightnings saw
Thine arm avenge insulted law.

In brighter days, we read Thy love
In flowers beneath in stars above;
And in the track of every storm
Behold Thy beauty's rainbow form.

And in the reddest lightning's path
We see no vestiges of wrath,
But always wisdom-perfect love,
From flowers beneath to stars above.

See, from on high sweet influence rains
On palace, cottage, mountains, plains!
No hour of wrath shall mortals fear,
For their Almighty Love is here.

Sons of Men

Sons of men who dared be free
For truth and right, who cross'd the sea,
Hide the trembling poor
that flee from the land of slaves!

Men that love your father's name
Ye who prive your country's fame,
wipe away the public shame
From your native land!

Men that know the mightiest Might, Ye who serve the eternal Right,
Change the darkness into light-
Let it shine for all!

Now's the day, and now's the hour; See the front of thraldom lower,
See advance the Southern power,
Chains and slavery!

See! the kidnappers have come!
Southern chains surround your home;
Will you wait for harsher doom?
Will you bear the chain?

By yon sea that freely waves,
By your father's honored graves,
Swear you will never be slaves,
Nor steal your fellow-man!

By the heaven whose breath you draw,
by God whose higher law
Fills the heaven of heavens with awe;
Swear for freedom now!

Men whose hearts with pity move,
that trust in God above,
Who stoutly follow Christ in love,
Save your brother men!