Other Transcendentalists

There were others who were associated with the Transcendental group in Concord who should be acknowledged. Some were Unitarian ministers, others were late-comers. Perhaps one might best call them transcendental "fellow-travelers."

Louisa May Alcott, 1832-1888

William Henry Channing, 1810-1884

Lydia Maria Child, 1802-1880

James Freeman Clarke, 1810-1888

Moncure Conway, 1832-1907

George Willis Cooke, 1848-1923

Caroline Healy Dall, 1822-1912

John Sullivan Dwight, 1813-1893

Frederic Henry Hedge, 1805-1890

Elizabeth Hoar, 1814-1878

George Ripley, 1802-1880 and Sophia Ripley (-1861)

Samuel (1783-1847) and Sarah Ripley (1793-1867)

Franklin Sanborn, 1831-1917

The Sturgis Sisters: Ellen Hooper (1812-1848) and Caroline Tappan (1819-1888)

Works by Other Transcendentalists