Ralph Waldo Emerson: Literary Works

Literary Works

Nature; Addresses, and Lectures, 1849
Note: List of selected criticism included

Nature, 1836 webtext by Ann Woodlief.
"The American Scholar." Oration before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, at Cambridge, August 31, 1837
"Divinity School Address." Address to the Senior Class in Divinity College, Cambridge," July 15, 1838. Webtext by Rebecca Moon.
"Literary Ethics." Address to the Literary Societies in Dartmouth College, July 24, 1838
"The Method of Nature." Address to the Society of the Adelphi, in Waterville College, Maine, August 11, 1841
"Man the Reformer." Lecture, Mechanics' Apprentices' Library Association, Boston, January 25, 1841
"Introductory Lecture on the Times." Lecture, Masonic Temple, Boston, December 2, 1841
"The Conservative." Lecture, Masonic Temple, Boston, December 9, 1841
"The Transcendentalist." Lecture, Masonic Temple, Boston, January, 1843
"The Young American." Lecture, Mercantile Library Association, Boston, February 7, 1844
"Lecture on the Anniversary of the Emancipation of the Negroes in the British West Indies." August 1, 1844.

Essays: First Series, 1841

I. "History"
II. "Self-Reliance"
III. "Compensation"
IV. "Spiritual Laws"
V. "Love"
VI. "Friendship"
VII "Prudence"
VIII. "Heroism"
IX. "The Over-Soul"
X. "Circles" Web text by Kai Sommer
XI. "Intellect"
XII. "Art"

Essays: Second Series, 1844
Review of Essays: Second Series by Margaret Fuller

I. "The Poet" with Webtext by Ellen Moore and Ann Woodlief.
II. "Experience." Study text.
III. "Character"
IV. "Manners"
V. "Gifts"
VI. "Nature"
VII. "Politics"
VIII. "Nominalist and Realist"
"New England Reformers." Lecture at Amory Hall.

Representative Men, 1850

I. Web Site"Uses of Great Men"
II. Web Site"Plato; or, the Philosopher"
Web Site"Plato: New Readings"
III. Web Site"Swedenborg; or, the Mystic"
IV. Web Site"Montaigne; or, the Skeptic"
V. Web Site"Shakspeare; or, the Poet"
VI. Web Site"Napoleon; or, the Man of the World"
VII. Web Site"Goethe; or, the Writer"

Web SiteEnglish Traits, 1856

The Conduct of Life, 1860

I. "Fate". Web Study Text.
II. "Power"
III. "Wealth"
IV. "Culture"
V. "Behavior"
VI. "Worship"
VII. "Considerations by the Way"
VIII. "Beauty"
IX. "Illusions"

Web SiteSociety and Solitude, 1870

Letters and Social Aims, 1875

"Poetry and Imagination"

Lectures, Biographical Sketches, and Uncollected Prose

Web SiteEssays from the Dial
Thoughts on Art.The Dial, I, Jan. 1841.
"Woman" [Lecture]
"The Naturalist" (1834).
"Nature" (1850)
Web Site"The Sovereignity of Ethics"
"Historic Notes of Life and Letters in New England"
Government of Children
Thoreau [Eulogy]
Mary Moody Emerson
The Lord's Supper
Dial Essays, 1840. Dial Essays, 1841. Dial Essays, 1842. Dial Essays, 1843. Dial Essays, 1844.

Web SitePoems

Selected Emerson Poems
Web Site Early Emerson Poems